Sweet Revenge on a Street Photographer

Last Saturday afternoon I visited Utrecht to do some street photography when I saw a group of women having a bachelorette party. They had dressed up the bachelorette as a bright-red strawberry and were clearly having fun.

I was experimenting with flash street photography and took a picture of the bachelorette. Loud laughter arose when my flash fired. Read more

Currywurst at the Imbiss

Germans are a sausage eating nation and one of their preferred snacks is the Currywurst – a steamed and then fried pork sausage seasoned with curry ketchup and topped with curry powder.

As you might have gathered, the Currywurst is not a subtle delicacy, but I like it very much. Every time that I visit Germany, I want to taste it at least a couple of times.

When I visited Saarburg during my summer vacation, I walked past an Imbiss (snackbar/cafetaria) with a woman eating a Currywurst – a perfect opportunity for a street photo. As you can see, I’ve reserved a prominent place for myself in the frame 😉


The Hungarian

A couple of weeks ago I visited the picturesque town of Saarburg, where I saw this man wearing a fantastic Hungarian-style Moustache. A perfect addition to my Majestic Moustache Project.

Picture taken July 31, 2017 | Am Markt, Saarburg, Germany