The Stroopwafel Eaters

I promised you to publish a series of photos I shot together with Cathelijne Hornstra during a street photography workshop lead by Fokko Muller

Fokko gave us the assignment to follow someone on the market place and shoot multiple photos – without being noticed – that together would make a little ‘story’. 

Although it was an individual assignment, the day after the workshop I found out that one of the other participants, Cathelijne Hornstra, made a series of the same couple right after I finished my series. We agreed to join our photos and make one mega-series.

So without further ado, we present our series of a young couple sightseeing in Rotterdam and buying a typical Dutch treat, stroopwafels:

Stroopwafel Eaters 1
Stroopwafel Eaters 2
Stroopwafel Eaters 3
Stroopwafel Eaters 4
Stroopwafel Eaters 5
Stroopwafel Eaters 6
Stroopwafel Eaters 7
Stroopwafel Eaters 8
Stroopwafel Eaters 9
Stroopwafel Eaters 10
Stroopwafel Eaters 11

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