Rotterdam Tattoo Convention

I should have written this post a lot earlier, because it has been a week now since I visited the Rotterdam Tattoo Convention. At this event tattoo artists, entertainers and vendors of tattoo supplies came together and presented themselves to the public.

Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2018

When I visited the convention, I didn’t know what to expect. I’ve never had a tattoo. Come to think of it, I’ve never set foot in a tattoo parlor. You could call me a tattoo virgin.

When I entered the convention area, I saw aisles and aisles of artists working hard on their masterpieces. The air was full of the buzzing sound of dozens of needles puncturing skins, leaving behind beautiful, artistic creations. A band was playing in the back of the convention hall, followed by different stage acts.

Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2018

What impressed me most was the vibrant atmosphere. Every single person there was cheerful and most important for me: every single person was fine with having their picture taken. When asked if I could make a photograph, I was constantly replied with: “No problem!”, “Natuurlijk!”, “Pas de problème!” and “Natürlich!”.

Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2018

The convention area was ideal for photography. Granted, a lot of areas were very dark – especially the basement, but all of the tattoo artists brought their own lights so they could see what they were doing. This created ideal conditions for photographing strong contrasts, as I like to do.

Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2018

I had a lot of fun taking pictures at the Rotterdam Tattoo Convention. I saw a lot of beautiful body art and I got to know a wonderful new world. I will definitely visit future tattoo conventions.

Hope you like my photos!


Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2018

Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2018

Rotterdam Tattoo Convention 2018


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